Top 7 Myths about Facials and Skincare- Debunked!


We asked our estheticians, Kate and Kristina to help you put to rest all the facial and skin myths you read about, hear or have experienced to help you make the right choices when it comes to our largest organ, your skin! Let’s get right to it!


Facials hurt.
You will never hear “No pain, no gain” in the world of skin care at Make Me Fabulous. We take a holistic approach to skin therapy and you won’t find deep peels on our menu. Through our extensive experience, we find the although skin does need exfoliation, it doesn’t need to be overly aggressive to achieve optimal results. We do acknowledge that extractions may not always be pleasant, but our estheticians are especially gentle and check in with your comfort level throughout the process.

A single facial will be my miracle cure.
We are beauticians, not magicians. Facials are meant to be preventive and corrective to a certain degree. Our skin cycle is about 28 days so allow products and the effects of a facial to show their results over time.

You can do the same treatment at home for much less.
Sure you can find dupes, diverted and expired products on the web, but you won’t get the results you can with professional esthetician. Leave the guesswork to us to determine your course of facial treatments and product recommendations.

Once a year is enough for a facial.
The fastest and most long-term results we see are from clients that commit to a course of treatments. Professional facials coupled with homecare products will save you money in the end. You won’t have a vanity full of broken skincare promises.

I broke out from facial once and will never have one again!
If your face broke out enough to swear off facials for life, it could be for several reasons; the wrong products were used for your skin type, causing irritation and inflammation, your breakouts could have been from extractions done incorrectly. If a blemish that isn’t ready is forced out, it can burst the follicle wall, spreading bacteria causing sudden breakout.

Facial massage is just fluff.
Massage actually increases circulation and encourages product penetration which helps to drive ingredients deep into your skin helping to correct skin concerns.

I can do my own extractions.
Do not try this at home. Often extractions are done incorrectly causing damage to the skin. Dirty fingers or bacteria filled comedone extractors can cause infection. Before taking the plunge into your pimples, dot your blemishes first with a concentrated spot treatment.

Scrubbing solves all of my skin problems.
It’s a common belief that regular use of microdermabrasion pastes or apricot scrubs (gasp!) will eliminate acne, age spots and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, if you scrub too much, you disrupt the natural protective barrier of your skin that keeps it in balance. Overuse of scrubs can cause rashes, micro tears in the skin and increased sun sensitivity. So wash gently and get professional recommendations for your home care exfoliation products.

Our licensed estheticians are on staff to help with any questions you may have about your skin and are highly trained in several product lines, treatments and home care options so feel free to as a #teamfab esthetician anytime!

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By Licensed Esthetician Kate O’Grady