Professional Airbrush Tanning & Makeup in Saratoga Springs & Ballston Spa

Airbrush Tanning

Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Glow

In our experience, proper preparation & maintenance are essential to achieving the ideal color and overall appearance from an airbrush tan. They are also key factors in assuring a longer lasting tan that will fade evenly. These tips are a result of careful research and are designed to help you get the best possible results from your session. They are even more vital for those with mature or damaged skin. These serve as a guide in developing your own pre & post tanning regime! Each of us knows our skin best and you may need to modify these suggestions depending on your individual needs.

Before You Tan…Schedule your tanning session 2-3 days before your event. This should virtually eliminate the chance of any cosmetic bronzer staining and allow your color to fully develop. Prior to your airbrush tanning session, take a hot shower or bath using mesh bathing gloves and a mineral oil free scrub to exfoliate your entire body. After bathing, apply a thick and hydrating mineral oil free moisturizer to your entire body. Even better, apply it while you are still damp to really lock in moisture. Repeat this process daily or as needed to reveal soft and smooth skin. Manicures, pedicures, facials and any wax hair removal services should be completed at least 24 hours in advance of your tanning appointment.

The Day You Tan…Shower and shave, but do NOT apply any products if you are tanning within 6 hours. Any lotion, makeup, deodorant, and perfume will act as a barrier that may actually prevent you from tanning! Although always ideal to arrive freshly showered, cleansing body cloths are provided.

Please wear or bring dark, loose, cotton clothing to your appointment. Except for minors, tan lines are optional, so plan to wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Disposable garments are available upon request. Always have an umbrella handy in case of rain and a towel for your car ride home.

MMF…does reserve the right to refuse or reschedule services to those who arrive unprepared for an appointment. Failing to properly prepare for your airbrush tan may negatively affect the outcome of your tan. We take your tan seriously and would not wish to jeopardize your satisfaction or our reputation.

After You Tan…you MUST wait 6-8 hrs before showering, sweating or getting wet at all. Waiting 12 hours or more may be recommended for some formulas. All spray tanning clients must wear a minimum of a thong while tanning.

While You Are Waiting To Shower, wear only dark, loose clothing for the first 4 hours. If you are going to bed before your first shower, wear loose pajamas. Your hands may accidentally rest on the developing tan throughout the night and create unwanted staining as a result.  By the time you are ready to shower, you may be extra dark as a result of the topical bronzer. This bronzer will wash off with your first shower, leaving your tan behind. After showering, you may look much lighter than anticipated, but your color will continue to darken for up to 24 hours.

Avoid prolonged and overly hot showers that are drying to your skin. It is best to cleanse using only your hands or a very soft poof. Both loofahs and washcloths will fade your tan faster! Because of this, be sure to use a gentle, mineral oil free body wash-no bar soaps! Use only fresh razors when shaving, dull razors will increase fading.  After showering, GENTLY pat yourself dry-no rubbing! Immediately apply a mineral oil free, hydrating moisturizer to your entire body. Moisturizing is ESSENTIAL in prolonging the life of your tan and ideally should be done 2 times each day. Using products that are mineral oil based will fade your sunless tan faster.

Freshen and prolong your tan by applying a special tan extending moisturizer every other day. A very light exfoliation should be performed in the shower with a loofah and body shampoo before applying tan extending lotions. You may begin using tan extenders on day 5 of your tan or simply as needed.

For some people, the cosmetic bronzer in the tanning formula may take up to 48 hours to fully release from your pores. White or light colored clothing should be avoided if staining is a concern. Special instructions are provided for all Bridal tans. Soaking baths, hot tubs, and chlorinated pools can accelerate and cause uneven fading- use them sparingly and at your own risk.  Anti-aging facial cleansers and topical medications can also cause premature fading. Please ask your technician if you have any questions.

Use a waterproof spray sunscreen when you plan to be outdoors. You will be able to sun tan through your airbrush tan, but burning and peeling will cause unsightly results.

Be sure to remove any remaining tan before your next session. A fresh, clean canvas is ideal. Resume your Pre-Tanning regime for best results.

We can not advise you on any “over the counter products” to care for your tan. We do carry exclusive, salon quality products approved for airbrush tanning. These are the only products we will guarantee to prepare for and maintain your tan to our standards. Please be advised that inferior products may contain ingredients that can cause premature and uneven fading of your airbrush tan. We do advise to simply read labels carefully and avoid products containing mineral oils.

Airbrush Makeup

Professional Airbrush Makeup for Brides & Beyond

AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. All of the makeup artists on our team are trained to use airbrush techniques and required to carry airbrush machines at all times. We are able to match dewy or matte coverage foundations, contour, and cover tattoos. We use water based airbrush makeup for a more blendable-natural coverage. Some skins take to airbrush very well, while others do not. We recommend that you give it a try at your trial run. Airbrush makeup can minimize lining and is long wearing- it is also the best way to cover tattoos. These benefits enhance your airbrush makeup experience.