The Health Benefits of Massage

Relaxation is often at the bottom of people’s day to day priorities but it is in fact a very beneficial way of helping to cope with the stresses of everyday life.

Having a regular relaxing massage may seem indulgent but it has many physical and emotional benefits and should be seen as way of maintaining your wellness.

Our MMF Signature massage is  for relaxation which involves lots of long, slow, flowing massage strokes but can also include other techniques such as deep tissue work to target issues such as tense shoulders or stiff necks. We tailor each service to meet YOUR needs! Here is why we all need more massage in our busy stress filled lives.

Can’t do a full massage. At Make Me Fab all of our Saratoga location hair services may add a hand and arm massage and a glass of wine while your service is being performed for just $10.00.  Now that’s fabulous!

1)   Relax Your Muscles

Whether you’re sitting at a desk or standing on your feet 8 hours a day, both take a toll on your muscles. Massage can be a great way to work out those kinks while reducing cortisol (the stress hormone) in your body!

2)   Boosts Your Immune System

Massage therapy increases white blood cell activity that work to combat viruses. Massage can increase activity in lymphocytes, which play a large role in defending the body from disease.i A lymphocyte is one of the three subtypes of white blood cells in the immune system.

3)  Reduce Stress & Anxiety

It’s said that the vast majority of diseases and their complications are brought on by anxiety and stress. Massage has been proven to lower cortisol levels in the body while increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine, thus helping to alleviate the stress we suffer from day to day, and promoting perspective and clarity.

4)   Relieve Minor Aches & Pains

Massage therapy can help with those aches and pains in your muscles caused by a buildup of lactic acid. By improving your blood circulation, those tense muscles can get the oxygen rich blood they need.

5)   Promote Overall Well-being

By relaxing your mind and body, getting rid of toxins and improving blood circulation, massage therapy can have a powerful effect on your overall wellbeing.  You could leave a massage session completely revitalized and ready to tackle the day.

FAB Essences of the Month – Add a COMPLIMENTARY aroma to any massage service!

Garnet: Centered Mind

Benefits: Gives strength to the body and helps ground the nervous system.

Ingredients: *Sesame oil; *Rice bran oil; Herb oil (*Sesame oil, * Rosehip, *Cardamom seed, * Nettle leaf, *Rhubarb root, *Roobibos, *Maca root, *Licorice root, *Echinacea, *Galangal root, *Asgwagandha root, *Dashmoola, *Goji berry); *Hemp seeds oil; *Ginger root oil; Benzion, *Turmeric root oil; *Sandalwood oil; Buddha wood oil; *Rosemary oleoresin; Garnet Gemstone

Azurite: Calm Mind

Benefits: Relaxes the nervous system and calms the mind with increased awareness.

Ingredients: *Sesame oil; *Olive oil; Herb oil (*Sunflower oil, *Saraswati Churna, *Kava Kava root, *Valerian root, *Major leaf, *Malva flower, *Blue violet, *Tansy herb); *Rosehip seed oil; Vit E tocopherols; *Amyris oil; *Vetiver oil; *Sandalwood oil; *Myrrh oil, *Frankincense oil; *Rosemary oleoresin; lolite Quartz Crystal

Rose Quartz: Uplifting

Benefits: Elevates the mind and spirit, and overall well being.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut oil; *Grapeseed oil; Herb oil (*Heal all herb, *Rose petals and buds, *Jasmine flowers, *Lavender flowers, *Chamomile flowers, *Lotus stemen, *Rosemary leaf, *Lemon balm) ; *Rosehip seed oil; Passion fruit oil; Vit E tocopherols; *Bergamot oil; *Lemon oil; *Grapefruit oil; Rosewood oil; *Litsea oil;  *Ginger oil; *Citronella oil; Rose oil; *Ylang Ylang oil; *Frankincense oil; Rosemary oleoresin; Rose Quartz Crystal


With the end of summer fast approaching, after getting the kids “back to school ready,” why not give yourself the gift of well being and relaxation and book yourself a relaxing spa service! Our MMF Signature Massage, and our MMF Tension Tamer could do the trick! We also provide the convenience of in- house suite visits – the ultimate luxury to make you feel FABULOUS!