5 Health Benefits of Regular Massage

1.       It is Relaxing – When the body is tense and under stress, it produces unhealthy levels of the well-known stress hormone, cortisol, which can contribute to weight gain, sleeplessness, digestive problems and headaches. Massage enables the body to enter a recovery mode. More importantly, this form of therapy also triggers lasting feelings of relaxation, improved mood, and reduced stress levels. Not only can massage therapy help with stress relief, but regular massage sessions over a prolonged period of time can boost energy levels, reduce pain, and stimulate individuals on physical as well as emotional levels.

2.       It Can Help Lower Blood Pressure – Regular massage therapy sessions have been found to reduce blood pressure levels. In fact, some long-term studies have shown that a consistent massage program can reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Consistent massage sessions can also reduce trigger sources for anxiety, hostility, tension, and depression.

3.       It Promotes Muscle Relaxation – The purpose of massage therapy is to target the source of the body’s pain via eliminating tension, increasing flexibility, and providing relaxation to the affected muscles as well as the body as a whole. Massage also promotes circulation to the affected or injured muscles, which increases nutrients and oxygen to the damaged tissues. In turn, this increased activity to the affected sites reduces stiffness and edema in the muscles and joints, as well as increases flexibility to help reduce pain. Massage also releases endorphins (pain-killing hormones), which boost dopamine and serotonin levels in the body. These hormones assist the body in many ways by promoting healing, pain management, and feelings of euphoria, as well as help to calm the nerves.

4.       It Can Help Improve Circulation – The long-term benefits of massage therapy are not to be underestimated. Improved circulation is part of a snowball effect that occurs in the body as a result of receiving regular massage therapy on a consistent basis. This is because proper circulation brings damaged, stiff, and tense muscles the rich blood supply they need to promote healing. Massage also promotes improved circulation via the use of hands-on pressure, which moves the blood through the damaged and congested areas of the body. In turn, the release of this same pressure causes new blood to flow into tissues.  The squeezing, twisting and pulling action of the massage technique also removes lactic acid from the muscle tissues resulting in improved lymph circulation, which carries metabolic waste products away from internal organs and muscles in turn lowering blood pressure levels and improved overall body function.

5.       It Can Help Strengthen the Body’s Immune System – It is a well-known fact that individuals who experience high levels of stress are more vulnerable to illness and injury. Studies have indicated that regular massage sessions not only help reduce stress, but can also boost the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity (activity level of the body’s natural “killer cells”) and enhances the body’s ability to deliver nourishment. Regular massage can help keep the immune system strong and resilient.

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