The Secret of Sigma Brushes Unveiled

Let’s face it. Here at Make Me Fabulous, makeup is our thing. Well, one of our “things,” but really— it’s our crowning glory. We have some of the best makeup artists in the industry!

And our shelves are beautifully stocked with an assortment of your favorite makeup in a variety of shades, brands, and styles. We can teach you how to use every piece of makeup in the shop, or apply your makeup for you.

But here’s a secret— we can’t do any of it without a “secret” weapon— the right brush. Without a quality makeup brush, your makeup won’t blend the way it’s designed. You are just not going to achieve the effect you’re looking for. c2a5ddaa-0235-4032-a926-ac59ae1ca0b5At Make Me Fabulous, we just adore the Sigma brushes. Here’s why:

Sigma brushes are made with exclusive synthetic fibers, SigmaTech and Sigmax, both of which are specially engineered with extremely thin fibers to efficiently collect and deliver not only powder but liquid and cream products, too. You see, these fibers have almost zero humidity absorption, so the strength and stiffness isn’t impacted by liquids or creams, maintaining the integrity of your brushes, without stealing your precious foundation. Sigma brushes are made with hypoallergenic materials and are carefully hand-crafted to last a lifetime.

And you know why else? Sigma brushes are a dream to hold. Each handle is made from carefully selected, lightweight, high-resistance wood made from renewable sources before receiving eight generous layers of prime coat and paint perfection.

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Sigma brushes are pretty, too. The metals are all thick layers of chrome, copper, or gold guaranteeing lifelong shine and protection. Seriously, you’re going to love reaching into your makeup bag and pulling out a Sigma brush.

At the Make Me Fabulous shop on 32 Front Street in the very quaint Village of Ballston Spa, NY, you’ll find the entire assortment of Sigma brushes, each designed with a unique purpose, a different makeup application. Eye liner, eye shadows and blush… smudging, blending, tapering and defining. These brushes have you covered.

You’ve probably heard of the Kabuki— the short, stubby brush that really packs a punch.
02303fbb-107c-41b5-874f-41f79d3535f4Well, we have the F80 Flat Kabucki. It’s perfect for applying foundation because the bristles are dense. And with Sigma’s special technology, you can bet the brush won’t suck up all of your foundation. It delivers where foundation is intended to land— on your skin. Now you know why it’s one of our best sellers!

Check out the handy kits, too. At Make Me Fabulous, we carry the Essential kit, the Extravaganza chrome kit, the Extravaganza copper kit, the Sigamax kabuki kit, the Synthetic precision kit, the Extreme color payoff kit, the Basic eyes kit, and the Performance eye kit.

8a5a08c0-47a8-48e8-9164-6103fbb4aceaAnd, guess what? We just unpacked a shipment with the new Nightlife by Camila Coehlo collection, created to design your face for a “dusk-’til-dawn” nightlife experience.

We’re always watching out for your beauty budget (because we know you need money left over for new shoes), we’re thrilled that these brushes are super-affordable.

Now you know one of our “secret” combinations. The best makeup, talented artists, and Sigma brushes. That’s how we help you look fabulous!

Have you tried the new brushes? Have a favorite? Tell us about it by commenting below!