Ask Alayne! Cleaning Makeup Brushes and More!

We’re starting a new feature here on the Make Me Fabulous blog! Every so often we’re going to post a few common beauty questions that we get from our clients and Alayne will share the answers with all of you! How fun and fabulous! Ready? Here we go…

Question 1) How often should I be cleaning my makeup brushes and what should I clean them with and how?

Alayne’s Answer: Great question! Given the frequent use of brushes here at the shop and when we’re out “in the field,” I feel like all we do is clean makeup brushes! But for regular, at home use, I recommend that you clean your brushes once a month.

Here at Make Me Fabulous we clean our brushes with a gentle soap like the Bare Minerals Brush Shampoo, Well-Cared For. You can also use a mild shampoo like Bumble and bumble’s Gentle Shampoo (both available at Make Me Fabulous). I like to put a small dab of soap in the palm of my hand swish each brush; then I have a little dish with some more soap and tepid water that I swish the brushes in to make sure all of the makeup is out of the bristles. Don’t immerse your brush to the base of the bristles (also known as the “ferrule”) as that may cause the bristles to loosen and always keep your brush pointed down while you’re cleaning it. Then rinse the brush in clean water, squeeze out the excess water, and leave them out to dry on the edge of a sink, or someplace where the air can get to all the bristles and the brush can dry completely.

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Question 2) I’ve noticed that some face creams I’ve purchased come with a thin plastic lid under the cap or cover–should I keep that inside lid or can I throw it away?

Alayne’s Answer: Oooh, another goodie! Believe it or not, that inside lid is there for a good reason. Some creams and moisturizers (like philosophy’s miracle worker–available at MMF) contain active ingredients like retinol or Vitamin C and that inside lid / liner is there to block out any light or air. The absence of the inside lid may cause those active ingredients to break down and render the product less effective. Bottom line: don’t throw those inside lids away!


Hope you enjoyed this post! Did you find this information helpful? Do you have other questions that you’d like answered? Let me know in the comments!

Stay fabulous–