A Make Me Fabulous Wedding Day for Brittany and Spencer Lanning

Brittany and Spencer Lanning
Photos Courtesy Elario Photography Inc.

Brittany Jasenski and Spencer Lanning met while both in school at the University of South Carolina. At the time, he was on the football team but not even dressing for the games. As their relationship progressed, so did his career. He was a punter for the Cleveland Browns when he proposed to Brittany. She said yes, much to the delight of her mother, who played her role as mother of the bride with great anticipation. By the time Brittany and Spencer were engaged, mom had Kleinfelds in New York City picked for dress shopping and her eye fixed on both the Elario Photography and Make Me Fabulous.

“She had been planning my wedding. She constantly followed Elario Photography and Alayne was all over his pictures so it was on my mom’s radar already.”

Brittany did due diligence, interviewing several hair and makeup artists before sitting for her trial with Alayne. A pageant competitor from a young age, Brittany was admittedly picky about her look. Alayne was originally on hold for another event, when that date changed, we got the call from our planner Christine Wheat that Alayne was available. Brittany says she had all but given up on finding someone local when she hit pure gold with Alayne and #teamfab.

“A lot of (other stylists) were getting confused. It didn’t sound like I knew what I was talking about. I wanted simple but glamorous. I wanted a classic, timeless thing and when I say I like glamorous I don’t mean heavy makeup. I still wanted movie star red carpet, not too natural, not too overdone. Bridal makeup is different than going out makeup. Alayne did two looks and we ended up going with one with more warm tones. She nailed it!”

Bright and early on March 12th, Brittany and her nine-woman bridal party gathered in the Penthouse suite of the Pavilion Grand hotel in Saratoga to dress for the wedding. Alayne showed up with her bag of fabulous supplies and #teamfab. Brittany says Alayne’s efficiency and easy-going nature set the tone for her most special of days.

I was very calm throughout the whole day and I think it had a lot to do with Alayne. We had ample time. Our hair and makeup was done and we were sitting around talking and having fun. It really helped the whole mood of the day. I’ve been to weddings and it’s been really stressful and it sets the tone for the whole day. I felt very much ‘in the moment’ for the day because I had that time to get in the moment and enjoy that aspect.”


After Brittany and Spencer Lanning said “I do” on that unseasonably warm March day, wedding guests were shuttled from the Canfield Casino in Saratoga to the Hall of Springs, just a few miles up the road. Brittany had planned to change her hairstyle during the transition, because she thought she would want a different look for each venue. But, after Alayne Curtiss of Make Me Fabulous worked her magic on Brittany’s first style, the gorgeous bride changed her mind…“I loved it so much!!! So, Alayne just put a real flower in my hair and I left it like that for reception.”


Alayne and #teamfab didn’t drift far, ready for touch-ups throughout the day. She looks back on her day with the fondest of memories, cherished memories and photos a constant reminder.

Brittany and Spencer Lanning
Photos Courtesy Elario Photography Inc.

“I definitely felt like a bride. Definitely. It was everything I could have wanted for my wedding day. Normally I’m very picky with pictures, as we’re always extra critical of ourselves. Looking at the pictures, I liked every angle— my hair, my makeup— everything.”


Best wishes and congratulations to the new bride and her husband, from Make Me Fabulous!  Check out more of Brittany and Spencer’s wedding at