The Perfect Brow


The Perfect Brow/Make Me Fabulous

Today’s post is from guest blogger Carrie Rowlands-Johnson, a local writer and blog contributor to magazines and blogs in various Saratoga Springs and Ballston Spa media.

There are fabulous new trends in eyebrows. The perfect brow is now strong, bold and thick. No longer should they sit like check marks on your face, but should highlight your fabulous features.

Mine looked a lot like tadpoles when I walked into Make Me Fabulous today, seeking Alayne’s help to achieve the perfect brow.

For my entire adult life I have waxed and plucked to abandon. When I started, that check mark/tadpole look was in full swing. It’s gradually morphed into the sharp, clean, thick line popular today. Somewhere along the way, my eyebrows became outdated.

It’s well-known to me, Alayne Curtiss is the person when it comes to makeup and hair trends. Luckily, she is passionate about perfecting eyebrows too. She took one look at my brows and invited me in.

After sanitizing and prepping, she actually measured four parts of my brow area to design the perfect brow.

First using a miniature popsicle stick and drawing a line from the inside of my nose to the corner of my eye. That’s where the brow should start. Mine was close, but a bit short on one side.

Second, Alayne used the mini popsicle stick to draw a line straight up from the outer corner of my eye. This is where the brow stops. Mine was about right, with the exception of a few strays.

Third, she measured from the center of the eye, straight up. This should be where the arch sits.

Fourth and finally, she used the tiny stick to draw a line from the inside corner of my brow and slanted it to meet my arch. This is where my brows needed the majority of Alayne’s TLC. She advised me to leave the few stragglers that were living in that space, then warned me that if I became too aggressive with my tweezers at home, she’d take them away.

I’m pretty sure she was only half kidding.

After measuring and waxing, she worked her pure, fabulous Alayne magic. Check out my right brow compared to my left.

The Perfect Brow/Make Me Fabulous
Carrie Rowlands-Johnson, The Perfect Brow by Alayne Curtiss at Make Me Fabulous.

Using the Stila Stay All Day Precision Glide Brow pencil in medium brown (available at Make Me Fabulous, $21), she drew in those tiny hairs I’ve been missing, assuring me it’s ok to fill— even the Kardashians do it! Can you say instant eye lift over here!!

Stila Stay All Day Precision Brow Pencil/Make Me Fabulous
Stila Stay All Day Precision Glide Brow pencil in medium brown at Make Me Fabulous, 32 Front St., Ballston Spa, NY.

Alayne also offers this tip: your brows are sisters, not twins. It’s ok if they don’t look identical. They just aren’t designed that way. We shouldn’t obsess too much because the two sides of our face are different.  We can get them pretty close but they will NEVER be exactly the same.

To heal the skin after waxing, Alayne applied Pure Transformation Night Treatment by bareMinerals. It’s an active soil complex with extraordinary skin-renewing benefits. Brush it all over your entire face at night, wipe it on blemishes and apply it after waxing. You can find it at Make Me Fabulous, $60.

The Perfect Brow/Make Me Fabulous
bareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment available at Make Me Fabulous, 32 Front St., Ballston Spa, NY

I look in the little hand mirror and find freshly-shaped brows which highlight my face instead of adding a punctuation mark… a look which is simply fabulous!

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