Toasting a new Partnership with bareMinerals

is celebrating today and we can barely contain our excitement–we are looking forward to toasting our very own Alayne Curtiss on a fabulous honor! Out of all of the spa clients in the state of New York, bareMinerals has chosen Alayne as one of only two ambassadors in the entire state.

It’s no secret, Alayne and all of #teamfab adore using bareMinerals at Make Me Fabulous and on photo shoots. MMF has been part of the bare Minerals spa division for more than ten years.

We chose this makeup and skincare line because we love that the products contain a minimal amount of ingredients, benefit the condition of your skin, and just plain wear well. On top of that, there are no parabens, no unnatural fragrances, and no dyes. bareMinerals looks so fabulous on, is so healthy for your skin, using and selling it to our valued clients is really an easy choice.bareMineralslogo

As an ambassador, Alayne will receive insider information from the world-class product development and education teams at bareMinerals, sneak peeks at future launches and will be first to try products by bareMinerals, before they hit the market.

In fact, because of her expertise in the field of skincare and beauty, she will actually take part in the development of innovative, new bareMinerals products.

Going forward, Alayne will work directly with other ambassadors across the country and the corporate team at bareMinerals. She will test and try products, analyze them based on feel, texture, smell, performance and packaging. Then, with other ambassadors, will dial in to the corporate weekly conference call to share feedback, stories, and experiences. bareMinerals will listen and make changes based on these recommendations.

Bottom line— Alayne will be collaborating and working with the corporation to ensure they are producing products you, our fabulous clients, need and want.

We think you’ll agree with Alayne who finds the ambassador program a testament to bare Minerals’ commitment to its customers. In her expert opinion, it means they want to listen to your desires when it comes to makeup and skincare. It’s also a testament to the longstanding relationship Alayne and Make Me Fabulous hold with bare Minerals and their recognition of her expertise in the industry.

As an ambassador, Alayne will be “on the inside,” privy to top secret information about exciting new products. Of course, she’s been sworn to secrecy on the details, but is sharing her first project: the relaunch of the entire skin care line at bare Minerals! That’s an undertaking she’s excited to dive into.

Cheers to the newly refurbished bare Minerals skin care line, which will of course be available at Make Me Fabulous, 32 Front Street, Ballston Spa, NY this January, 2016.

You can be assured each and every product that rolls out will bear not only the bare Minerals logo, but Alayne’s stamp of approval. We’re sure you’ll agree, it is simply fabulous!