What Affects Lash Retention Between Fills

Recently we had a lash client ask “I lost more this time and I don’t know why … I didn’t do anything differently?”

Eyelash extension retention is one of the most common issues in the lash industry, often leading to unhappy clients and stressed out lash artists. 

So Kristina, (our resident aestheticain and lash artist,) did some research for you and also asked some of her best retention clients their favorite tips for keeping their lashes full between fills. Here’s what she found:

On average a person will naturally shed 7-35 lashes a week.  Doesn’t seem like a lot but on average you will be coming in every 2-3 weeks for a fill. So 7-35 every week turns into 14-105 every 2-3 weeks.  That is a big difference. And you won’t shed the same amount every time.

Something you can talk to your lash artist about as well is potentially changing the curl of your extensions to fit the ellipse of your natural lash better.  This would most likely mean having extensions with less of a curl. If you are willing to change up the look that you have had to a more natural look, this is a good option. 

Additional factors that will affect lash retention, is how you are sleeping at night, how often you touch your extensions, how soon after getting them done you allow them to get wet and your environment (primarily humidity levels.)

Make Me Fab client, Nancy, has the best retention of all of our clients with the exception of one time and that was when she went to Punta Gorda for a week. The humidity levels there were significantly higher than those at home in upstate New York.

“I just try really hard to keep them from getting wet.”  Tristina says when we asked  her how she manages to keep them on so well.

Kendra says “I wash my hair the night before my lash appointment so I can wait a couple days before getting any water on them and when I wash my face I use a washcloth. I basically keep my extensions away from water as much as possible.  I also don’t use any eyeliner or mascara when I have extensions.” 

Long story short you won’t have the same retention from fill to fill.  You should also take this into consideration when booking your fill appointments so your lash artist has ample time to keep providing you with your ideal lash look. 

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