Weather-Proofing Hair & Makeup

There’s nothing at Make Me Fabulous we love more than a wedding. We assemble #TeamFab, pull out our makeup brushes, curling irons, bobby pins and shower our brides and their bridal parties with our undivided creative attention.

Some days, mother nature blesses us with a picture perfect day: low humidity, a light (if any) breeze, and attentive and warming sunshine. Other days, we work extra hard to ensure, in thirty years, when our brides are showing their photo albums to their grandchildren, it  appears to have been a picture perfect day.

Photo by Tracy Buyce Photography

The latter was the case on a rainy day in September, when #TeamFab buzzed around the gorgeous Jessica Salamone in preparation for her wedding at The Sagamore. The sun decided to take a sick day, sending the rain as a most unwanted guest. On top of that, part of Jessica’s agenda included a 90-mile-an-hour boat ride on Lake George.

We knew we’d need to call in some extra help: just the right products for both hair and makeup.

We dug deep into our bag of Bumble and bumble hair products, one of our favorite lines for protection and coverage in a variety of weather conditions.

To withstand the wind, humidity and rain invading us this particular day, we chose Bumble and bumble’s quenching Complex,  a daily, leave-in treatment that smooths the cuticle, seals in moisture, renews shine, and protects from fly-aways.  This product is amazing. Because hair frizzes when it is thirsty and looking for moisture, we fill the ends with this quenching Complex when the hair is almost dry, and then layer our styling products on top.

Jessica’s coarse, heavy hair also called for Bumble and bumble’s Straight blow dry. This cream contains five humectants and works wonders on hair that is thick, frizzy, coarse, or curly. We worked it through her damp hair and blow-dried section by section, resulting in the amazing smoothness you see in her photo!

Bumble and bumble have a few different looks we like created with Straight blow dry, check out the video clips here:

During blow drying and then again, after the style was finished, we misted Jessica’s hair with Bumble and bumble’s holding Spray, GREAT for taming strays and holding the shape while maintaining workability.

To completely finish Jessica’s hair, we sprayed it with HumidityRx Anti-Frizz Weatherproof Spray by ColorProof. This stuff is pure magic, providing a fine mist that repels moisture and locks out humidity, fights frizz and literally weatherproofs the hair. It’s not a hairspray, so it doesn’t make the hair stiff or sticky.

Faces on this gorgeous bride and her bridesmaids started with professional airbrush makeup by FACE atelier and then set with their matte finishing spray. These products provide a flawless complexion that lasts all day, even in not-so-fabulous weather.

On Jessica’s lips you’ll see Stila’s Lip Crush in Yumberry, a lip and cheek stain infused with natural ingredients.  The look is subtle, sheer and healthy with long-lasting color. The Stila formula actually reacts with the PH in the skin to create the perfect pop of color, unique to each woman who wears it. Because it flows from a pen, it’s super-easy to use!

Then, to create a fabulous “Barbie pink” pop of color on the bride’s lips, we topped them off with bare Minerals’ uber popular Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in super pink. This award-winner offers sheer to medium coverage and SUPER shine.

Rain? What rain? #TeamFab at Make Me Fabulous outfitted this gorgeous bride and her bridal party with an invisible shield that worked behind the scenes all day, silently battling wind and rain, creating memories that were… simply fabulous.

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