How to Communicate with your Hairstylist for the Best Result

(Photo Credit Modern Salon)

We’ve put together the top 8 ways to get a great cut, color and at home results for your hair! The more detailed the consultation is, the happier you will likely be at the end of the service!

Here are a our tips for helping your stylist understand just what you want!

  1. Be on time. To get the most out of your session with your stylist. Being late even 5-10 minutes it the time allotted for the consultation portion of your appointment.
  2. Be honest and don’t be afraid to hurt our feelings. We want you to be happy!
  3. When you’re styling your hair at home, what do you struggle with most frizz, flatness, styling, product selection, color fading, time? Let your stylist know any challenges you have with it at home, there could be a solution (Graduations, removal of weight, layering, a different color formula, etc.)
  4. Are you someone that washes and goes or do you have a styling regimen? This is important information for your stylist so that when you style it at home, the cut or color works with your lifestyle.
  5. Bring photos! Be specific as to what part of the cut or color in the photo you like the best. Sometimes it’s good to bring multiple photos, to make your inspiration more clear. You may like the bangs in one photo and the layers in another, the options are endless!
  6. Realistically, how much time do you have for at home styling, maintenance, time between appointments, time spent at the salon during your appointment. That perfectly balayaged platinum wavy styled hair you see in photos may have taken 5 hours in the salon and 1.5 hours styling each day, plus a moisturizing mask once a week. Do you realistically have that kind of time daily, weekly, monthly?
  7. Ask your stylist about at home care. The truth is more often than not you’re styling your own hair more than we are, so your at home care plays an important role. Have her show you what she used to get that great finished result in the salon, Figure out what your budget is for this appointment. Then have you and your stylist keep track of what you plan on adding to your at home care line up next time.
  8. Lastly, if in between your scheduled appointments you have questions about your hair, call your stylist. Also feel free to let us know how things are going for you! We are here to help, and genuinely care about your relationship with your hair!