Ask Alayne: The Perfect Part

“Alayne, I have been analyzing my photos recently and am wondering if I need to change-up where I part my hair. It’s on the left side right now but I’m wondering if I should go closer to the middle. How do I determine the perfect part?” — Jackie, Clifton Park

Alayne says: Jackie, the beauty of it is, there really is no “perfect” part. Thanks to a wealth of styling products available, we have so many styling options. When a client sits in my chair at Make Me Fabulous, we talk about what is happening with her hair. It’s actually normal to find breakage on the side where you typically part your hair.

Ask Alayne Curtiss: The Perfect Part at Make Me FabulousThink about it— we consistently work with one side to “go” that certain way. We apply heat, we blow-dry, we flat iron, we curl, we brush. When I see this breakage, I’ll often recommend switching the part.Just because you chose to part your hair a certain way five or ten or forty years ago does not mean you are stuck with that part for your entire life. I switch my part every six months. Moving it around gives you more fullness and gives the weakened side an opportunity to grow out because you’re not applying as much heat and working with it constantly.

When I consult with a Make Me Fabulous bride, we play with the part line. It’s long been said, the best looking place to put it is at the high point of the brow. So I take out my long-handled comb and we start there. Then we check it out in the mirror, we snap a few photos. We may extend the part. We may switch sides. We may move it to the middle. It’s really all about the client’s comfort level.

Though there is no “wrong” way to part it, here are a few other details to keep in mind when choosing your part:

— A deeper part will offer a dressier, more formal look.
— A less drastic or middle part will provide a more casual look.
— Part in the opposite direction of a widow’s peak to add height.
— Part in the direction of a widow’s peak to add a softer, flatter look.

Keep in mind, when you first move the part or cut your bangs, you and your hair will have an adjustment period of about two weeks. It may be a bit more of a struggle to convince it to lay right at first, but the proper products will make the transition easier.

At Make Me Fabulous, we use Bumble and bumble’s styling lotion (available at the shop for $29) for new parts, styles or cowlicks. It gives the hair more weight and holds it in place until it remembers where exactly you are redirecting it.
Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion at Make Me Fabulous, Ballston Spa, NY

As we’re still working through the style, we’ll use a softer spray like Bumble and bumble does it all ( also available at the shop for $29) or Schwarzkopf’s OSIS+ Elastic.
(only $19.)B02K_95x150

To finish and really hold that look in place, we’ll use Schwarzkopf’s OSIS+ Freeze (Available at MMF for $19).

Osis Elastic at Make Me Fabulous Ballston Spa, NY

It’s exhilarating to think about all of the options you have. It’s up to you and #teamfab to make sure you pick one that makes you look… simply fabulous!

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