Why Should I Buy My Professional Hair or Skincare Products from A Salon

Why should you buy your professional products from a salon?

It’s no secret, professional hair care products are becoming readily available on your favorite websites, discount retail and drugstores. But, are you really getting what you paid for?

Every professional hair care product has printed on it somewhere that it is only guaranteed when purchased from a salon, and there is a reason for this. The products you find on discount and drug store shelves, or on unauthorized websites are often discontinued, watered down, expired, or something entirely different disguised in the packaging of the product you thought you were purchasing. You may find that they smell different, don’t work as well, or the logo is slightly off.

Professional hair care companies only sell to authorized salons, spas, and websites. Many times those products you purchase have been sitting in a warehouse way beyond their expiration dates. The barcodes on the products are often times replaced so you are unable to identify a recalled batch number. When you buy from discount stores, websites and unauthorized resellers, you are supporting dishonesty, diversion and often getting a substandard or expired product.

Also, did you know that the sale of retail products in salons usually supports the cost of the front desk and assistant staff. Yup, If you love that luxurious shampoo from the shampoo assistant or a real person to pick up the phone when you call your salon. Buy your products from your local salon, hairstylist and esthetician. Most often the products are only a few dollars more than what you would spend online or in a discount chain store and your local business owner will usually guarantee the product and its performance.

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