Makeup and Styling Lessons- What You Actually Get!

Think about it, add up everything that you have on today for your outfit.  Shoes, pants top, jacket, jewelry, undergarments.  When you add it all up, what are your thoughts?  Now think further, how often do you head out and have on your hair and face?  Ya, I know – every day, right? How much do you spend on that? And you wear those every day rather than once or twice a month.  

So let’s spend some time together getting this on point for you, for your coloring, at your age, and with your time allotment each morning.

Let’s talk about the Makeup Consultation:

It is a one on one with Alayne or one of our seasoned artists. Bring all your favorite products and be ready to keep a few, throw out a few, and add a few to your new, fresher updated look.

We will spend an hour and a half in total, first instructing you.  Then watch you recreate the technique and finally we document and chart for you to take home to practice, Then, 2-4 weeks we invite you back to review your questions and discuss additional options, this review session is included in your lesson fee. Maybe you’d like to try a day to evening glam look or a summer vacation, bronzy, look.  Your $90 for the lesson goes towards any products you would like to purchase.  Plus, after that, you never have to pay for a lesson or instruction again!  Stop in anytime for more tips and tricks. It’s all included, plus you earn points towards more free products or services. 

Now for your hair.  At your styling consultation, we can discuss the best cut and styling options, in addition to a color consultation if you would like.  Some clients also choose to discuss the health of their hair, hair loss or thinning options,  vitamin, mineral, and supplement suggestions and treatment options for dry, oily, or overly damaged hair, and more.  Then we get to business with a great styling session. We videotape it on your phone so you can duplicate it at home and discuss next options and product suggestions for maintenance.  This session costs $45 dollars and trust me you leave feeling – well fabulous.



Want to book a styling or makeup lesson.  Call or text us at 518-583-2626. or book online anytime at