How to Strobe: Healthy Glowing Skin

Time to pull out your makeup brushes. Our team of makeup artists at Make Me Fabulous is ready to show you how to get

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in on the hottest new look:  “Strobing”. The strobe technique is all about healthy-looking, dewy, glowing skin.

No more intense, time-consuming, precision sculpting or covering your face in layers of heavy foundations and bronzers. Strobing provides a younger, more natural face. It looks as if the sun or studio lights are grazing your features, making them “pop” and appear stronger.

Strobing is like applying the fountain of youth with a brush.

So here’s the secret–strobing is all about highlighting and emphasizing the high points of your face. Think about the areas where light would hit and reflect. Those are the aspects strobing targets.

Here’s how to achieve the look:

1. First, start with a fresh canvas. A freshly washed, moisturized face is key. 41mUSFe6S+LDull, dry skin is just not going to provide the same effect. At Make Me Fabulous, we use Image Skincare’s Vitamin C Hydrating Repair Cream($53.80). It’s ultra-hydrating and nourishes and protects your skin using Vitamins A, C and E.

2. Next, apply a base. Heavy, cake-y foundations are out. Think light and dewy, like bareMinerals Complexion Rescue, a tinted hydrating gel cream. If you need to hide any imperfections, blend a concealer with your moisturizer. Try bareMinerals BARESKIN concealer ($20). It comes in six shades, so pick the one that best matches your skin tone.

3. Here’s the important part: choose a highlighter that’s shimmery and light and matches your skin tone, not sparkly and heavy or frosted looking. You want a natural glow. Our makeup artists at Make Me Fabulous keep Stila’s all-over liquid shimmer in kitten ($20) in their bags at all times!s78904_product_detail

3. Using a quality brush (we recommend Sigma), apply the highlighter to those areas that catch light. Along your temples, down the bridge of your nose, across your cheekbones, in the corners of your eyes, above your brow bones, and just above your lip. If you have oily skin, you may want to skip your forehead and nose.

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4. Pay special attention to your eye area, especially if you have a tendency for dark circles. Stroke of Light Eye Brightener by bareMinerals ($22) will brighten your eye area and diffuse the dark shadows. It comes in four shades, to give you the perfect match!

5. Blend the highlighter with a damp sponge or Sigma fan brush. You want to soften any harsh lines so the highlighter fades into your skin.

6. When you have achieved the glow you desire, apply a light finishing powder. We suggest bareMinerals Veil Finishing Powder ($21). Use it sparingly. You want to absorb excess shine but don’t want to matte-up the dewy highlights you just applied.

It’s really quite simple— so much easier and forgiving than contouring and less time consuming. Have fun! After all, having fun is what being fabulous is all about!