Cooling Down Color for Fall…

If you’ve stepped inside Make Me Fabulous recently, you’ve seen with your own eyes just how busy our reception desk has been. So many clients are booking appointments for fresh color heading into fall. They’re right on track too.

Summer is a fantastic time of year, but between the sun, sand and chlorine, it wreaks havoc on our hair, especially on our color. Angela Wakefield, a senior hair stylist and regional Schwarzkopf color educator with us has the inside scoop on which shades are trending.

Angela: “With the end of summer upon us, there is the usual transition from hot to cool. Vibrant pastels of the summer are now making way for the warm tones of autumn. Riding the wave of pastels,  women

Color transformation

are enjoying their favorite pastels toned-down a notch. For example, lavender, silver and pink were all over the place this summer. What I’m seeing is that we aren’t quite ready to let go of this trend, so we are keeping these cool tones and just adding a splash of depth here. Lavender is going more toward a taupe, pink is leaning toward magenta, silver is getting more silvery.images

Instead of opting for a traditional brown or standard chocolate, all-over look, we are seeing a melding of trendy-fun with a touch of funk. Our chocolates are being infused with cool coppers or cool violets.

Our blondes are opting to stay just that, by allowing for some bright face-framing and low-lighting throughout the head, keeping summer firmly in check, at least on the hair.

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I think we are going to be seeing the summer pastels really holding-on into the cool fall, which makes one wonder: How amazing are all these colors going to look with all the amazing foliage and colors of upstate New York? The answer is: Fabulous!”

Fabulous color is all we do here at Make Me Fabulousimages-2 When your head of freshly-colored hair is in our sink, we shampoo and condition it with Schwarzkopf’s BC Bonacure Color Freeze. It’s a product that’s always been known for helping to preserve your color. Recently, Schwarzkopf revamped the brand with new technologies guaranteeing 100% color retention! Using its’ patented 4.5 color balancing technology, it works right inside the hair shaft to nourish and hold color.

We adore Schwarzkopf’s entire line of shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in treatments… but we have a hands-down favorite. It’s the BC Bonacure Color Freeze CC cream. datauri-fileIt borrows the technology used in skin care (your hair is, after all, just an extension of your skin) and seals your hair, providing anti-frizz control, acting as a sunscreen for your hair, and protecting it from heat up to 428-degrees (think straightening and curling irons). As if these perks aren’t enough, this blow dry cream also infuses your hair with 48-hours of body and shine.

To finish, we recommend polishing your locks with Schwarzkopf’s BC Bonacure Color Freeze Gloss Serum. You can use it before or after your blow dry for glass-like shine.

While our stylists adore applying Schwarzkopf’s line here at the salon, we’re very good at sharing. We have an entire display of products for you to purchase to preserve your color while shampooing and styling at home, too. We like to think of it as pulling the plug on the days of watching your beautiful color wash down the drain.

We think that’s just simply fabulous!