Embracing Curly Hair

 Curly Hair/Make Me Fabulous
Embracing Curly Hair

Frizzy, unmanageable, dry, — when we hear you say these words in despair, we know immediately you are talking about your curls. We know all about that love-hate relationship. It’s been brewing since the beginning of hair styles. Many of us on #TeamFab experience the very same battles with our own curly hair. In fact, about seventy-percent of you have some type of curl pattern, whether it be loose, classic, tight, or kinky.

We’ve always been able to steer you through the battlefield, cutting and moisturizing and styling until you emerge from our chairs triumphant over the challenges only a curly-haired person faces. That’s why you keep coming back to Make Me Fabulous.
Now we have a new arsenal in our aprons and on our shelves— a shiny, brand new certification from the Queen of the curl herself, Ouidad. This curl hair expert is an internationally-renowned stylist, salon owner, author and global educator. She is the pioneer of the curly hair industry, working on and refining her specialized cutting and styling techniques and award-winning product line for more than thirty years.


This fall, the Ouidad team visited Make Me Fabulous and trained #TeamFab in the Ouidad styling technique. We discovered the beauty of using just the right products. Because curly hair frizzes when it is dry, it needs extra moisture.

It all starts with the right shampoo. Ouidad targets each specific curly hair need, from dry to frizzy, with a variety of shampoos. Our favorite is the Curl Quencher Moisturizing Shampoo ($18 for 8.5 oz at Make Me Fabulous.)

Curly Hair/Make Me Fabulous
Ouidad Melt-Down Mask, $14 at Make Me Fabulous

The Melt-down Mask by Ouidad is an easy fix to the frizzies and feels oh-so luxurious ($14, 2oz. at Make Me Fabulous.) The special blend of oils and nutrients envelopes the hair shaft to nourish and protect hair, promoting health and prevent future damage. You’ll fall in love with the melt-down technology that is a cozy, warm treat as you lie in our shampoo bowl or apply for yourself at home.

Follow with one of a variety of conditioners, each formulated to target your specific need. We are big fans of Ouidad’s Whipped Curls ($26 at Make Me Fabulous,) which goes to work both conditioning and priming so it restores the natural curl pattern and encourages bouncy, defined, frizz-free curls as it holds the moisture all day long.

After the in-salon course, Alayne packed her scissors, grabbed a pair of lattes and took a road trip to New York City for the final stages of this intense training. She spent two days fervently learning from the experts, practicing and testing. She learned how to puzzle and intertwine and lay the curls properly into place. They learned to cut all four types of curls, each with their own unique set of challenges. She learned to embrace curls, and was taught how to enhance the curls of our clients. She came home with the coveted Ouidad certification under her belt. Make Me Fabulous is now one of only three salons in the entire Capital Region to hold this distinction.

When she walked back into Make Me Fabulous after that intense training with Ouidad, Alayne described the experience as an “Aha!” moment, saying she is now more than 100-percent confident when working with curly hair. #TeamFab is ready for you, curly haired beauties. We will help you embrace your curls with our specialized cutting, styling and product line. We promise you will go home looking fabulous!